Our Company Story

Dreaming lab was born in 2017 in Chiasso (CH) from the initiative of Valerio Pisapia whose primary purpose was to concretely respond to the needs of national and international customers with professional solutions.

The main resource of Dreaming Lab is the experience built and consolidated over time thanks to the ability to learn and use new technologies with mastery.

Our ``mission`` is to achieve the best possible quality level in the various types of products, solutions, and services offered.

Dreaming Lab also stands out for its great ability to create and manage projects with different levels of complexity, for specific needs, and with highly innovative proposals.

Dreaming Lab Sagl

Our Professionals

Raffaele Camerlingo


Valerio Pisapia

Managing Director & Software Engineer

Serena Petti

Office Manager

Luca Chianese

Software Engineer

Hassan Hassan

Software Engineer

Federica Chillà

IT Recruiter Specialist

Vincenzo Gammieri

Software Engineer

Cesare Di Foggia

Fullstack Developer

Emanuele Vinci

Mobile Developer

Maria Gabriela Papinutti

Product Owner