Smokey Loops Digital Marketing strategy

Smokey Loops Digital Marketing strategy

Company information

The Smokey loops record label has been on the market since 2015 and creates musical samples, productions, and sound effects for record producers, cinema, games, software, etc.

Smokey Loops is distributed both under license and exclusively on Native Instruments U.S., Producer
Loops UK, Reveal Sound (RUSS), ADSR (Hong Kong).

On portals that distribute products in SmokeyLoops subscription produces an average of 7,000 downloads per month while on portals distributing by selling SmokeyLoops packages reaches an average of 180 packages per month. is the portal born in 2016 and launched in its new graphic format on

It requires the user to create an account by signing up for a subscription that
allows you to download the products present in it.

The platform allows you to choose the loops, free royalty, based on categories and present a wide choice on the home page range of collections. The portal is presented in two languages ​​(Italian and English), the user can subscribe to a type of Basic, Pro, and Unlimited subscription (monthly / yearly), deciding
thus the number of credits it intends to use.

Our work

The digital marketing strategy implemented for Smokey Loops involves three levels of interaction following the users’ “conversion funnel” approach.

The first level of interaction is called “awareness” and involves high-level communication aimed at web users potentially interested in the products and services offered but who do not know the brand and therefore have never visited the Smokey Loops website.
The goal of the awareness step is to raise awareness of the brand through advertising on social media and obtain a first user interaction with the brand in the form of a visit to the site or even a brand search on Google.

The second level of interaction is defined as “consideration“: the user who already knows the brand and therefore has already previously visited the website is led to deepening their knowledge of the brand and the products and services offered.
An essential requirement is therefore to convey traffic to the website thanks to advertising campaigns on social media with the aim of deepening the level of detail.

The third step of interaction is “conversion“. After getting to know the brand and having studied the details of the products and services offered, the goal of conversion campaigns is to bring the user back to the site thanks to social or Google campaigns and make the conversion happen.


Client: Smokey Loops Records

Date: Novembre 23, 2020

Service: Development