Company information

Since 1995, TWT has been a leading Italian company in the TLC and ICT services market. Specialized in B2B activities, in which it has become a go-to name for digital transformation, TWT follows companies step by step, from the drawing board phase to after-sales assistance, in order to optimize production processes and simplify the work of the people engaged in them.


For companies who want to offer their clients a single point of contact for the entire country, TWT advises using Non-Geographic Numbers (NNG) and offers the possibility of porting numbers from other operators.

The Client can use a web interface (Web Console) to autonomously view, modify and manage all the NGN and “accessory” services via the internet in real-time.

Our work

Developed the web interface and server-side infrastructure.

Client: Fastcode

Date: Novembre 23, 2020

Service: Development